Berry Bowls

These berry bowls are designed to hold a pint of berries, they are also great to use as a fruit bowl and to hold a few tomatoes on your counter. Because of the holes, it allows the fruit or tomatoes to breathe from underneath. Ours come with the drip plate attached. I know that at home, when I used to make the bowl and plate separately, when I went to use it I could never find the drip plate, and that's because my wife, Susan, was always using it for something else, mainly to feed our cat on. I thought that if I'm having that problem, then others are also, so I decided to fix this situation by attaching the drip plate. The bowls are on average 7 1/2 inches wide and just over 4 inches tall, they will vary because everything is handmade. We eat a lot of berries, so ours gets lots of use.