Cat Face Bowl in Green

  • $ 22.00

The cat face bowls are an item we have produced off and on for years. When I first envisioned this piece it was to be for the cat's water dish, so the face could be seen when filled, but customers informed us they also purchased it be a child's cereal bowl or as a Knick knack bowl to hold keys and change or just to sit there and look cute. The bowl is about 5 1/2 inches in diameter and is functional, so it will go into the oven, microwave and dishwasher, plus the glazes do not contain either lead or barium. The bowl is thrown by hand, then altered to form the ears and chin. I glaze the inside with a white matt glaze, which Susan paints by hand the face, and the outside I glaze either blue or green.Then it is fired to 2260*F, so the design with never fade or rub off. It is just a fun to piece to have.

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