Mug in Emerald Isle Green

  • $ 20.00

Mugs are the one item that I have really strived to perfect over many years of potting, mainly because I am an avid coffee drinker and I appreciate a comfortable mug. Plus you can potentially judge potters by the quality of their mugs. Generally our mugs are 4.5 to 4.75 inches in height, with a 4 inch wide bottom that closes in as it progresses up to the neck, to help hold the heat in, and then flairs out to about 3.75 inches wide at the top. This is so that when the mug is at your lips, the top of the rim is at the bridge of your nose. The lip of the mug is thinned to reduce the risk of dribbles, as thick lipped mugs are prone to do. The handle loops up and away, so that it is comfortable to hold and there is space between the tops of your fingers and the side of the mug to prevent burning if the coffee or tea is really hot. I strive to make what will hopefully become your favorite mug. This one is glazed in our Emerald Isle Green.


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